25 04 2009

Introducing Crap Dad (CD), Grumpy Mum (GM), Big Sis (BS) and Little Miss Loud (LML).

BS came home to live with her CD and Evil Step Mum (now known as GM) six years ago, at the fabulous age of 14! The family have had their ups and downs, but have remained solidly and resolutely a modern day, mostly functional, family.

Because living with a teenager wasn’t enough of a challenge, GM and CD decided that they would like to adopt a child or two. 40th birthdays always seem to bring some decision or other on and this one seemed like a good idea.

So .. 18 month old LML came home nearly 2 years ago, and after a lot of hard work, earnest discussions, help from professionals and love and tenderness, LML is very settled and happy at home. It’s been the most amazing journey for the mostly functional family, just to get to where they are today …

which is of course, why they are about to adopt the 1 year old birth sister of LML …




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