Introductions with LML

27 04 2009

The planning session for our ‘introductions’ to Little Miss Loud was very odd – there was us and our SW, the foster carers & their SW, LML’s SW and another SW – all with LML sitting in the middle.

Introductions is a bit of a mechanical process. You did this and that to learn the child’s routine. Yet it was emotionally draining. Our introductions took ten days. Each day, even if we had only seen LML for a couple of hours, felt exhausting. Its because you invest so much in it.

It wasn’t love at first sight. There weren’t fireworks going off. There was excitement and a real sense that something momentous was happening but LML didn’t feel like our daughter, not for a long time. On the day LML came home it was devastating, really emotional.

We’d arrived early so decided to sit in a car park up the road, knowing that we needed to allow the foster family their time to say goodbye. She had been part of their lives for nearly 18 months.

The foster family held things together magnificently and we took pictures of them handing her over where we were all smiles. However, it was clear that they were going to crumple as soon as we turned the corner. In the car, on the way home, we all had tears in our eyes and struggled to keep smiling and engaging with LML.




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