“Can we clone you?”

12 05 2009

Ring, Ring…. Ring Ring…

“Hello” says Grumpy Mum.

“Oh, Hi Grumpy Mum. It’s the Social Worker here. About today’s hearing. We have a problem. One of the panel members if unable to attend because they are sick and another knows your family, so has declared an interest and can’t sit on the hearing, so it will be inquorate. We’re trying to get someone else to step in. We may have to cancel.”

“Oh, OK.”

“I’ll call you back if we have any news.”



30 minutes later.

Ring, Ring… Ring, Ring.

“Hello GM, it’s me again. We’ve got someone, but we are going to have to reschedule your hearing. Can you get here for 4pm? Will you be ok for childcare for LML?”

“Yes Yes” was the relieved reply.

Our Adoption Approval Panel hearing, to become 2nd time adopters was back on. Phew!

In the end it was straightforward, we had pretty much guessed the questions as we walked along the road to the the adoption agency offices. There was only one ‘curve-ball’ which was around the support we provide to our friends and their boys (more about the boys another time).

When we went in, the chair of the panel was very complimentary, then panel members asked us the questions (which they had already given to us 15 minutes before going in), and that was it – “please go and wait for us to make a decision”.

A couple of minutes later the chair came into the room, beaming ..

“Can we clone you?” she began. “We are really impressed with your commitment to sibling contact, it will be so important to LML in her later life”

“You are clearly a resilient, loving and supportive couple”

“You have a clear understanding and commitment to the adoption process”

“We therefore approve you as second time adopters!”

Beam …

“oh – and I don’t know if I should say this GM, but I know your big sister, please say hello to her from me!”



3 responses

12 05 2009


(And why don’t you make this into a book? You write so exceptionally well…)

12 05 2009


Since I don’t quite understand how the UK process works, does that mean that you’re all set to adopt LML’s little sister or that you’re just approved to adopt in general and will still have to go through more bureaucracy before you’re set to be her family? I love hearing about how it all works differently in different places, though I must admit I’ll be even more exited to hear about the new addition to your family!

12 05 2009

Grace – thank you, for both the congratulations and the compliment

Thorn – It means we are approved to be adopters (again). We have the next panel hearing set for 3rd June – if all of the paperwork is completed – which is a ‘matching panel’ and they will approve Little Sis’s placement with us – as in approve the match. It’ll then be another two weeks of bureaucracy until the panels decision is signed off and we get to meet LML’s little sister. It’s looking like we’ll finally meet her in mid-June, with her coming home a week or so after that.

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