23 05 2009

GM is round the back of the house, planting the sweetcorn in the vegetable bed, CD is at the front, putting the first coat of paint on the front door. LML runs through the house, runs around the side – she runs from parent to parent, offering ‘help’, wanting to be involved. GM is showing her how dig the hole to plant up the vegetables, when CD calls LML to the front – the next door neighbour has come home from walking the dog, and he knows that LML would not want to miss saying ‘hello’.

LML runs through the house to the front. She says hello to the dog and the neighbour, she plays with her pushchair, she tries to help CD with the painting and generally plays and babbles. CD, GM and the neighbour chat and watch, sometimes passing comment on LML’s actions.

On the porch is a ceramic plant pot which is used by the only smoker of the household (big sis) to dispose of her disgusting butt-ends. LML runs over to it and picks it up – it is not a small pot and practically fills her arms. GM says what she has always said when LML approaches this pot – “ah-ah; Dirty. Leave it alone LML – Dirty!”. This usually has the desired effect, but this time was different …

LML pauses, pot in arms. She looks at GM, she glances at CD, and then with a big smile at the neighbour she launches it as far and as hard as she can …


… Fag ends, ash and shards of ceramic pot fly in every direction


… GM roars at LML


… LML runs past CD, giggling and grabbing. She gets hold of the paint brush as she hurtles past him


… In her haste she falls – there is white exterior undercoat on the brand new carpet

“Arrrgg – That Is IT … to bed … RIGHT NOW”




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