Go Fish!

25 05 2009

“ook!” instructs LML “OOK!”

She holds out a pack of ‘In the Night Garden’ flash cards to CD.

“You’ve been climbing those shelves again, haven’t you?” he asks as he sits down with LML, taking the offered cards from her. LML has always had a bit of a ‘problem’ with flash-cards, puzzles – well, to be honest, any adult-led cognitive play.

So CD tentatively sorts out 3 of the cards and lays them face up, in front of LML. CD identifies the characters, ‘Upsy Daisy , Igglepiggle, Makka Pakka’. He then turns the cards over and asks, ‘Where’s Upsy Diasy?”

LML immidiatley points to the correct card and turns is over. “Well done LML!” exclaims CD.

He then asks for Igglepiggle and LML guesses correctly, then Makka Pakka.

Trying his luck he finds a Pontipines card in the pack, as he does so GM joins the game.

“Look mummy, look how clever LML is” CD states confidently.

With the four cards laid out in a square he identifies each one to LML then turns them over.

“Where’s Igglepiggle? he enquires.

LML hand moves straight over the card then pauses. She picks it up and ensures that it stays face down. Then with a flourish, and a big smile to mummy and daddy, she reveals the correct card.

“Wow! Well done LML. Can you find the “Pontipines?”

And again, with a flourish, she reveals the card.

Makka Pakka and Upsy Daisy follow with equal theatricality.

Then that’s the end of it. LML’s concentration has been broken and she’s off to investigate something else.

CD and GM look at each other. “Wow!”

“Wow indeed.”




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