Aggrieved, no more

5 06 2009

“Hi, it’s me,” says GM when CD answers the phone “do I sound chirpy?”

Something starts to relax inside CD .. “how did it go then?” he asks, hardly daring to hope.

GM starts to babble “I’m so relieved” she says,

“I’m not going to be made redundant”

“They’re not going to make me learn to drive, but they will pay for lessons if I want to learn”

“They seemed to accept that the actions of my managers could be seen as bullying. They were really shocked by some of the evidence I gave them.”

“It went so much better than I had expected!”

“I feel like a weight has been lifted off me”

She pauses for breath. CD smiles, “That’s great GM, well done .. tell me all about it when you get home”. He hangs up and looks at LML “Phew” he says to her “mummys going to me much less stressed tonight!”



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