4.00am Blues

6 06 2009

Friday 6.45pm
LML is splashing about in the bath with CD trying to maintain some sort of control. GM shouts, “Goodbye my loves” as she leaves the house for an evening with her sisters at a cousins birthday party. As the door closes LML shouts, “Bye mummy, bye”. “That’s right, we’ll see mummy tomorrow.”

Saturday 4.20am
Crap Dad turns over, half conscious, to kick what he initially thinks is the cat. Almost straight away he realises that it isn’t the cat, he could feel cotton. It isn’t GM, she won’t be back until much later. Then he realises it must be LML. She’s half way down the bed, so he rolls back the quilt. Then the questions start flooding his brain. ‘How long has she been here?’ ‘I must have been sound asleep to miss her coming into the room’ ‘Did she come in upset?’ ‘What did she think when she found out that GM wasn’t here?’ ‘Should I put her back into bed?’ ‘What if I wake her up when I do it?’

Then, Little Miss Loud jumps up, “Boo!” she says and beings laughing.

Saturday 4.22am

CD looks at his phone, sees the time and says to LML, “It’s still nighttime my love, you need to go back to bed.” he picks her up and she snuggles into his shoulder as he carries her into her bedroom. “Go back to sleep my love and I’ll see you in the morning.” he kisses her on the forehead and leaves the room.

Saturday 4.40am
CD lays in bed desperately trying to get back to sleep as one thought after another rushes through his mind, work, GM’s work, the arrival of Little Sis, the impending visit of Little Sis’s foster carers, introductions, he could use this as a blog later and, most of all, will he ever get to sleep again.

Saturday 5.45am
“Daddy, Daddieee… Look Monkey! says LML as she wakes him from his deep sleep

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