Meet the Foster Carers

7 06 2009

Pat and Fred arrived at the agreed time did, all smiles and handshakes. Pat, who has built up a strong relationship with GM over the phone, wasted no time in gushing, “you’re going to love her”.

For two hours they sat on the sofa and praised the girl that has been dubbed ‘Little Sis’. Having fostered her since she was a week old they are clearly smitten by her. All the problems and issues which have delayed GM and CD making a decision, just seem to have melted away in the carers eyes.

It is clear that they are lovely, genuine, people. It is also clear that even though they commented on Little Sis’s developmental delay they were not offering an objective assessment of the little girl and her needs.

Trying to get them to articulate more than just generalisations about Little Sis was almost impossible. For instance, Little Sis has been fitted for special shoes that support her ankles but when CD and GM asked for details about why this was and how long she would need them all they got were vague and imprecise responses.

At one point Fred started to talk about how Little Sis seems to have a problem with men. He began to tell  about how she cries and gets upset when she comes across men with certain features (dark hair for example) and, in particular, men wearing a hat, any sort of hat. Pat literally ‘shushed’ him and then, realising what she had done, laughed about it and acknowledged that there are some things that Little Sis’s new family need to know that are not full of sunshine and lightness.

The other thing that was a bit odd was that there was a complete lack of recognition that one of the main concerns for CD and GM would be LML and how she is going to cope with this new person in her life.

The meeting with the foster carers has been completed. The foster carers obviously adore Little Sis and having looked after her for 15 months they are clearly anxious about moving her on to her new family. It is going to be a major wrench for them and Little Sis.

So what’s next? On Tuesday there is the meeting to plan introductions. The mostly functional parents can’t wait!

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