Young Hearts…

10 06 2009

It went better than expected or even hoped for.

Earlier today the mostly functional parents met Little Sis for the first time. Arriving at the foster carers house, nervous and slightly apprehensive, they were greeted at the door by Foster mum with Little Sis in her arms. Wow! Their hearts skipped a beat.

There has been much comment over the past couple of weeks about how wary Little Sis is with strangers, so for the first 15 to 30 minutes they held themselves back, GM sitting on the floor and CD taking a seat at the end of a settee. Little sis sized them up and by the end of the hour long visit, she had sat with both, had a dance with GM, a face pulling competition with CD and had generally crawled all over, prodded and poked both. As they were leaving she gave both a goodbye kiss and waved and waved.

CD and GM left the house buzzing ..

It really couldn’t have gone better




2 responses

11 06 2009

The first meeting is so special! It must so nerve-racking for you too. As a foster carer it’s wonderful to know the child you’ve been looking after and hoping to find a lovely new family for has now met them. It’s so rewarding to see. (Makes me go all mushy)

11 06 2009

There certainly was some trepidation as we walked up the steps to the foster carers front door and there was such a sense of relief, as we made our way home, about how well it had gone. cd

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