Updating HH

13 06 2009

Bring, Bring… Bring, Bring

Hi CD, it’s HH. Is GM there?

“Hiya. No, you just missed her. She should be back in a couple of hours.”

How’s the introductions going?

“Great. Little Sis seems to be really comfortable with us. She’s lovely and so much like LML. She’s engaged with us all. Big Sis met her yesterday and they hit it off from the start. It all feels very relaxed, if a bit slow. ”

Why’s that?

“It’s our stupid introductions plan. The foster carers expressed concerns that Little Sis sometimes reacts badly to strangers, so the plan is for us to meet her every other day for an hour for the first week and then for the introductions to properly start, but really slowly. It means that at the end we only have one full day at our house before she moves. It’s stupid, up until that day she only spends four and a half hours at our house.”

It’ll be all right. When you have the review meeting half way through you can say how well it’s going and amend the plan then.

“You’d think so wouldn’t you, but they’ve scheduled the review meeting for two days before she’s supposed to move. Sixteen days to do introductions based on a concern that Little Sis might not take to us straight away, it’s mad. It’s too long and there isn’t the opportunity to change it.”

“It felt really frustrating at the planning meeting as we were continually told that we needed to be flexible but it was clear that the chair had a plan in her head and that is what we were going to do. It seems that we’ve had to be flexible but the local authority has it’s procedures and it’s going to stick to them.”

“Anyway, we’ve looked at the plan and we’ve talked to our SW and have already agreed some changes with the foster mum.”

You know, we had the same problem with them. In the end I phoned the manager and was a bit stroppy. You’d think they’d want to place a child as soon as possible, but it felt like they were determined to fit our introductions into a model and not look at the family, Little Bro’s needs and our needs. If I were you I’d agree a new plan with the foster carers and phone and tell them what it is.

“Yeah, I think we’re just going to play it by ear and agree stuff informally with the foster carer. As long as we move at the right pace and cover everything in the plan I think we should be OK. We really do need to create more time with us at home before she moves.”

“I’ll tell GM you phoned and I’ll get her to give you a call later this afternoon.”

“Speak to you soon, bye.”




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