No one said it would be easy

20 06 2009


Today was hard work.

Little Sis spent her first full day at the house of the mostly functional family.

We made a couple of mistakes, mainly around morning naps for LML and Little Sis. Normally LML will go to bed between 9.30 and 10.30. Today Little Sis arrived about 10.15 and LML was still up. She was so excited to see Little Sis that putting her down was postponed. When we did try, although she was clearly very tired, she just got out of bed and came back downstairs. Even when GM sat with her until she looked as though she was about to nod-off she still came back downstairs. Too excited and too interested in what is going on.

LML did eventually go to sleep and we gave Little Sis some lunch. The little love was so tired that she needed to go to bed shortly afterwards, so forty five minutes after LML had fallen asleep Little Sis was put in her cot. We made the second mistake then by turning on the musical mobile Little Sis is used to going to sleep to. GM didn’t realise just how loud the music was!

Within a minute or two the mostly functional parents could hear little voices laughing and babbling to each other. When GM arrived LML and Little Sis were pulling faces and laughing at each other through the bars of the cot.

LML was scooped up and taken downstairs and the tired Little Sis was soon asleep. LML would normally sleep for at least an hour and a half, so the 45 minutes she had was no-where near enough and she was not happy. In fact she was positively miserable.

One of the great things about LML though, is that she’s easily distracted, so CD took her for a walk to the supermarket to do a bit of shopping and she soon cheered up.

On her return LML was much chirpier and she engaged with Little Sis mostly in a positive way.

As the afternoon wore on LML’s tolerance of Little Sis diminished and she regularly either smacked, threw things or blew raspberries at her little sister. Little Sis mainly took it in her stride and remained indefatigable. Thankfully.



One response

20 06 2009

Wonderful to read this all unfold. Endless admiration for you all…

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