The question is …

20 06 2009

The mostly functional parents take LML and Little Sis out for a walk to their local town street. Their first ‘family outing’ with Little Sis.

On the way they bump into a group of people that are just finishing some community gardening in one of their local community parks. CD and GM are both trustees of the common land for the area, and would usually have been out working with them, so they stop to chat, pleased to see that there are a couple of new faces, including a young boy of about 11 years.

“Yes, yes!” they say to their friends, beaming, “this is Little Sis, but she’s a bit shy so please don’t fuss her.”

After five minutes they go on their way and rapidly complete the few errands they had, so they head back home. As they walk up the road, they see a few boys playing in the park by the side of the pavement, noticing that the same boy they had seen earlier is in the group. As they draw near one of the boys shouts out

“Hey, missis. Are those two babies yours?”

“They are!” answers GM proudly, continuing up the road.

“Did you two have sex to ‘ave ’em?” He asks as he looks between GM and CD.

As CD rapidly heads up the road, laughing, GM replies primly that “It is none of your business!!”

It is only later, relaying the amusing tale, that it sinks into GM that these are the sort of questions that her children are going to be asked, by their peers, almost as soon as they go to school. “It’s none of your business” is just one of the answers she wants them to be confident and assured enough to give!



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