Coming Home – Part II

26 06 2009

“MUMMY!!” screams LML from the bottom of the stairs “MUUUUUM…MEEEEEEE!” She then throws herself on to the floor, shot by the ‘No’ from CD as he tells her she can’t follow GM as she puts Little Sis to bed for her afternoon nap. By the time GM returns LML is in floods of tears and being comforted by CD.

For the next two hours, as Little Sis sleeps, LML demands constant attention and reassurance from the mostly functional parents.

She becomes inconsolable when GM goes to the toilet. She whinges and whines at every opportunity.

When not being ‘entertained’ LML undertakes little acts of defiance and resistance. She throws what was left of the mixed bowl of fruit she had lunch up in the air, scattering chopped up pieces of strawberry, cherry and raspberries all over the dinning room carpet. She fills her mouth with juice from her cup and squirts it all over her blackboard and the dinning room window. When playing with a balloon she deliberately and constantly tries to hit GM around the face.

LML bangs her head in frustration on the settee, a wall, a number of doors and the floor.

At various times both CD and GM sit LML on their laps, give her a cuddle and offer soothing words and kisses.




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