Coming Home – Part III

26 06 2009

Bath time for both girls goes smoothly, CD baths LML first and then GM bathes Little Sis. Little Sis is soon downstairs having a bottle of milk on GM’s lap.

This fascinates LML. She sits by GM and holds the bottle for Little Sis. Little Sis sucks greedily, gulping down her milk. “Ook” says LML pointing at her sister as she drinks from her bottle.

“Do you want to taste it when Little Sis has finished?” enquires GM

LML nods her head and smiles. “You didn’t like it very much when you were a baby” warns GM

As soon as it looks like Little Sis is finished LML is trying to release the bottle from her grip. “Just wait a second, darling, she might want some more”. LML stands impatiently and is soon easing the bottle out of Little Sis’s hands.

She tastes the sweet milk, feeling the teat in her mouth, and pulls a face of disgust.

Satiated Little Sis sits there gurgling and the mostly functional parents agree that she should be put to bed. GM takes her upstairs and without any fuss whatsoever she’s put down in her cot.

On returning to the living room GM finds LML still engrossed in one of her favourite DVD’s – Madagascar.

“Come and sit on mummy’s lap and have a cuddle” she says to the transfixed three year old.

LML sits there, contentedly sucking her thumb. “Dad” she says and points at the bottle. “You want the bottle?” “Yeah” she replies. CD hands it to her and the mostly functional parents exchange a wry smile as she holds it to her chest.

LML soon relaxes and GM swaps the bottle for her favourite soft toy – cheeky monkey. The little girl is soon so relaxed that she’s starting to nod off to sleep. GM takes her upstairs and puts her in her bed, next to her little sisters cot. She pats LML’s back for a minute or so to help her settle and then kisses her goodnight. GM is grinning from ear to ear as she leaves her daughters to sleep together for the first time.



One response

30 06 2009

Fantastic! I suppose you had to expect some “behaviour” from LML. I’m sure she must find it as strange as you do. I hope it all settles down into domestic tranquillity soon.

I’ve really enjoyed following it all so far.

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