marking territory

30 06 2009

GM manages to successfully divide Little Sis’s precious ‘blanky’ in two, bind the edges and get one in the wash. As soon as the wash is finished, she gets the clean half on the washing line.

A little later CD goes out to a meeting, leaving GM to manage bath time on her own for the first time. GM is feeling on top of everything, the girls getting evenly spaced snacks, treats and rewards in the build up to bath time. Indeed, she is feeling so together that she puts the rest of the washing out and brings in the now dry clean ‘blanky’. This is speedily exchanged with the very dirty one, which is accepted without a ripple by Little Sis.

The bath is running, and as both children have filled their nappies in the past half hour, they are now running/crawling around bare bottomed.

GM walks into the hall to see LML sitting on the clean ‘blanky’.

“Wee wee” she says smiling, “mummy, wee wee”. LML points to the blanky.

“Oh LML, you haven’t?” she asks, without much hope.

Oh yes she had …

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