Repetition: the things we say .. over and over and over,

7 07 2009

Please don’t hit your little sister

It’s not nice to poke Little Sis in the eye

That’s lovely playing with Little Sis

When you hurt Little Sis it makes mummy and daddy sad


Stop! LML just stop!

Well done for playing so nicely with Little Sis

Why did you do that?

Look what you have done

That’s good sharing LML

I don’t understand what you want Little Sis

Look you’ve made her cry, she wasn’t doing anything to you and you’ve made her cry.

Oh what a lovely kiss

Be gentle with Little Sis

That’s a really good attempt at feeding Little Sis

Would you like a cuddle?

You really need to stop throwing things at Little Sis

Oh! For gods sake!



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