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11 07 2009

CD, LML and BS have gone away for the weekend, leaving GM and Little Sis Home alone. CD’s brother is getting married, but the mostly functional parents decided that it was too soon after coming home to subject Little Sis to a night away from home and a big family function. CD and GM keep in touch by text …

Friday Evening

17:24 – GM to CD .. Little Sis has managed to get the washing basket over her, and has been crawling about like a turtle! Cute.

17:32 – CD to GM .. BS has just arrived. Within 5 minutes of us getting here LML and the dog tried to make a run for it down the street. Door now locked.

18:08 – GM to CD .. Just caught Little Sis stuffing face with cat food. Was very upset when I had finished wiping her mouth out! Urg disgusting.

19:26 – CD to GM .. Everyone gone out to dress the pavilion. Just gone to the kitchen to find the dogs dinner in the bin. Poor dog!

19:28 – GM to CD .. at least she wasn’t eating it!

20:22 – CD to GM .. put LML to bed before 8. been up and out of bed a couple of times. Hopefully that’s it now. Had to sit with her and read a couple of books.

20:23 – GM to CD .. is she ok? I nearly cried when you went for the train!

20:27 – CD to GM .. she’s fine. Has been running around after the dog and loved it. She was fab on the way down here

20:37 – CD to GM .. up again! Hopefully she’ll sleep late in the morning.

20:38 – GM to CD .. she’ll get off eventually. xxx

20:59 – CD to GM .. LML asleep, I hope. Phone you later.

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