Days Like These

17 07 2009

CD stays down stairs with LML, whilst GM takes Little Sis up stairs with her. Divide and rule may be effective, and at least Little Sis won’t be getting clonked on the head.

GM returns without Little Sis, having decided that she was ready for a nap. CD is looking a bit stressed.

“I don’t know how,” he begins “but LML managed to get BS’s nail varnish remover, and she had it in her cups and it’s all over the carpet!”

LML is happily running from room to room, and much to the relief of both parents she was clearly just playing at pouring, and hasn’t drunk any of the vile chemical.

GM gets the ‘Wet Vac’ out, as the carpet and room stink of chemicals, and proceeds to wash the carpet. As the machine is out, she decides to clean the carpet in the dinning room, which is pretty filthy, with the debris of the two sloppy eaters.

The carpet is soon transformed from grubby to vibrant colours and GM moves onto the mat by the back door which has the cat bowls on it. That is soon showing it’s original colours again too, and GM is feeling pleased with a productive mornings work.

CD has by this point tried to put LML to bed, but she just shouted at Little Sis until she woke her and refused to remain in her bed. He gives up trying to make the tired child go to bed, settles the baby back to sleep and brings LML down stairs with him.

“She’ll have to go to bed later” he sighs.

As GM is putting away the Vac, she hears CD shout in frustration. LML has poured a whole bowl of sugar over the just cleaned mat, and is busily rubbing it in!

Later in the day, GM goes up stairs to run the bath – it’s that time of the day at last.

“LML! Why have you done that?” she hears CD roar “just sit there”. This is soon followed by the distressed cries of Little Sis.

LML has found a half drunk cup of tea and has poured it all over the dining room carpet – it is not looking quite so clean any more. As soon as CD starts to clean up the mess, LML takes the opportunity to go into the other room and hit, poke and push her younger sister.

After cuddling and calming the distressed infant, GM marches LML up the stairs for her bath. Once the child is ready for bed they read a book together and cuddle on the sofa. GM sighs, breaths in the scent of the child sitting relaxed on her lap, she wonders how long it will be before things settle back into a ‘normal’ routine.



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