Get thee gone – parts 1 and 2

9 10 2009

Get thee gone # 1 …

Grumpy mum found herself sitting at the pc, tears of frustration, hurt and anger pouring down her face, grateful that Little Sis was asleep and LML was out with Crap Dad. She had managed to stop herself from packing a suitcase for Big Sis, and had instead texted Crap Dad to let him know what had happened. As she calmed down she began to write a letter

Dear Big Sis

Notice to Quit

This is written notice that you need to leave home by Saturday 3rd October 2009.

We recently restated the minimum standard of behaviour that we expect from you, if you are to continue to live at home. Today you failed to meet that standard and as a result I have decided that it really is time that you live independently.

At this time I am still willing to support you in your move away from home. I will view properties with you and help out with a bond and rent in advance.

If you are unable to find somewhere to live in the next seven days please come to us with your plan for moving on.

Obviously I continue to love you, and will always be here to provide you with support or help when you need it.

Crap Dad arrived home as she was finishing the letter, and Grumpy Mum immediately explained that she had written the letter to get the frustration and upset off her chest, aware that the situation was much more difficult for him as Big Sis’s biological father, rather than a step parent.

Crap Dad hugged Grumpy Mum, read the letter and hugged her again. “You need to amend it love, so that it says ‘we’ all the way through.”

Get thee Gone # 2 …

Having talked, shouted and whined about moving out for months and months, without doing anything about it, Big Sis manages to find somewhere she can afford, that is self contained and has neighbours with similar interests to her own, in less than one week.

She views the property on her own, and then the next day takes Grumpy Mum. The entrance isn’t ideal, but the agent assures them that the previous tenants have never complained about any problems with that. The flat is ideal as a place to start out, and Big Sis is already excited and it’s agreed that she will take the tenancy.

Two days later, Grumpy Mum and Big Sis go to the letting agency, hand over £500 and with that Big Sis becomes a householder in her own right. On their way home, they discuss how and when Big Sis will move into her new home. Grumpy Mum is assured that there is a friend with a van, who can help out in the middle of the following week. Big Sis has already done much of her packing, Grumpy Mum has invested in a ‘started pack’ consisting of the cleaning equipment and products needed to get the place up to scratch, so Big Sis plans to clean and decorate over the weekend and early the following week.

Over the weekend Big Sis drops in regularly and leaves with more and more of her ‘essential’ belongings, the original plan obviously having been abandoned. She has not slept at her former home since signing the tenancy agreement and getting her keys, despite her bed still being here. Her bedroom has been left with about a quarter of the packing left to do. Her bed has finally been dismantled, readying it for moving, but her ‘friend’ hasn’t appeared as yet. Her belongings are scattered throughout the house.

It doesn’t feel like there’s any ‘closure’ with this drawn out, chaotic move.” mutters Crap Dad, as he trips over another bag of belongings.


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