a snip in time…

25 02 2010

On Monday Grumpy Mum picked up LML from the nursery as usual. When she arrived she was called to one side by one of LML’s key workers. ‘There’s been a bit of an incident. LML has injured a little boy. She cut above his upper lip with a pair of scissors. We don’t think he’ll need stitches.”

GM gulped internally and stammered out some apologies, but she was already wondering how it could have happened. Later, she tells Crap Dad what had happened. “I don’t understand why she had the scissors unsupervised, she never does at home” she states. “I saw a boy being ‘told off’ this morning because he’d cut up a feather when I dropped LML off” CD informed her.

On Wednesday the problem parents attended a meeting that had been planned some time. The meeting included LML’s key worker, the nursery’s special needs lead and LML’s clinical psychologist. The aim was to discuss the psychologists recommendations on how to support and manage LML whilst she’s at the nursery. For the past two years the mostly functioning parents have been trying to get the nursery to increase the amount of one-to-one support LML receives, with very little success. The psychologists report and recommendations, which the problem parents had read weeks prior to the meeting, was heavily focussed on structured one-to-one work being undertaken with LML, emphasising that LML needs clear routines throughout the day and that significant interactions should be limited to a few key members of staff. The problem parents, discussing the report prior to the meeting thought, ‘they’ll never accept all this’. However, as they went through the report it became clear that things had changed.

When the opportunity came up to talk about the ‘scissors incident’ LML’s key worker said, “We’ve reviewed LML’s support and if it’s OK with you, we’re going give LML a designated worker whenever she moves into a new area of the nursery. I’m also going to give her more one-to-one support, with another worker coming to help with my group.”

The problem parents left feeling pleased about the outcome of the meeting and frustrated that it had taken such an incident to achieve what they’d been requesting for so long.




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