Space Invaders ..

7 03 2010

The girls moved into the room that used to be Big Sis’s bedroom a week ago, as it had finally been redecorated …

The girls had a long lead up, before the move, with plenty of time to claim the space, playing, helping sort it out (but not helping to redecorate … LML really doesn’t need to see wall paper being striped or walls being painted!).

LML increasingly finds any change to be anxiety provoking, even if it is just a parent arriving from work, or walking a different way to nursery so the mostly functioning parents talked to her about the move a lot – “in a few weeks ..” , “when its been painted..” , “next week”, “in a few days” until eventually it was “tonight you will go to sleep in your new bedroom”.   She was so excited and ready to move by that point that she went right to her old room, collected her bedding and moved it in.  LML then went back into her old room, and was calling “Daddy! Daddy! Help me!”. When CD went to see what she needed she was trying to drag her mattress from the bed.  She was not happy until her daddy had helped her move her own bed and Lolly’s cot into the bedroom.

LML has taken every visitor to see her new room, and loves playing up there.  Fantastic.

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