Happy Birthday Lolly

12 03 2010

It’s Lolly’s birthday and the kids are soon in the mostly functional parents bedroom.  LML is wanders off and finds Lolly’s presents within 10 minutes. She sees the child size pram and states ‘mine!’ ‘No, it’s Lolly’s birthday, the presents are for her.’ This becomes the theme of the day. Lolly doesn’t get many, indeed any, opportunities play with her pram. LML is relentless in her possessiveness. ‘Mine’, ‘Mine’, ‘Mine’ is the mantra of the day.

Even though she has to face the uncompromising LML, Lolly has a lovely day, full of joy and delight.

The mostly functional parents finish the day with a glass of champagne and celebrate the first birthday they’ve shared with their youngest, 2 year old, daughter.



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