Ahhhhh …

29 04 2010

The mostly functional family have had their first ‘holiday’ with both of the girls.  It was short and very very sweet.

It had been organised by one of the lovely aunties, and was very much a ‘family affair’, arranged for 80+ year old Grandad P.  At the beginning of the week various grown up grandchildren joined him and a couple of lovely aunties at a great big cottage that had been rented in the ‘country’, and on wednesday another lovely aunty and the mostly functional family joined them (the other big grandkids having gone by then!).

Grandad left the day the mostly functionals arrived after having a lovely family walk, as he had his country dancing to go to that night. The girls spent two days walking and feeding the chickens attached to the cottage and having three aunties, one uncle and two parents see to their every play, food, comfort and miscellaneous need.  They had a lovely time.

On the last day the mostly functional parents were treated to a walk in the country, together .. on their own .. with NO kids

aahhhhh …



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29 04 2010

Maybe time to attempt a spot of poetry? 🙂
What stories do the girls enjoy?

30 04 2010

Lolly really likes, “Dear Zoo” by Rod Campbell, though any flap book grabs her attention. LML likes “Little Lamb” by Piers Harper, “Hooray for Fish” by Lucy Cousins and “Russell and the Lost Treasures” Rob Scotton, though she struggles to follow narrative or keep her attention to the end.

We like to read the lovely rhythms of Julia Donaldson’s books

30 04 2010

How about the oldies – AA Milne?
Have they read The Cow Who Laid an Egg? or No Matter What?
By the way, did you read my reply to you on my page?

3 05 2010

hello. Isobel and cat sent me here, with words of praise for your blog.

Maybe the kids like poetry? ‘Cats’ maybe, especially The Railway Cat has rhythm and is fun

3 05 2010

I have posted my cat poem on my blog, BTW

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