silence may be golden, but …

31 05 2010

GM hears rapid footsteps on the stairs, giggles and laughter, and CD’s “no no girls, leave mum in bed.” She looks at the clock – it’s 7.45 so she decides she can manage another 15 minutes before getting up.

She wakes again at about 8.30, and lays in bed, listening to the sounds of her home. At first all is quiet, but suddenly the silence is broken by peals of laughter from LML, and shrieks of excitement from Lolly.

GM rises, smiling and feeling happy.



27 05 2010

At the end of an ISAR meeting CD calls the Ed-Psych over. She has just run through her report which will form the basis for the funding that will support LML when she goes to primary school. Her report means that LML will get significant one-to-one support, which is a relief to the problem parents.

CD, “As you know we haven’t asked for a statement for LML, do you think we should consider making a request?” he asks.

Ed-Psych, “Well, the process for a statutory assessment would mean that I would write a report like the one I have just completed, in fact I very often write reports that are less detailed than this one. All the other professionals involved would write reports too….” she goes off into the detail about the process which CD already knows, having done his research.

CD, “We are really pleased with the support that we and LML are receiving and we haven’t felt the need to make a request but I suppose my concern is about the future.”

Ed-Psych, “Yes, the thing about a statement is that if things start to go wrong then, whilst it is bureaucratic, you can refer back to it. I think given where LML is at and her circumstances I’d be very surprised if she didn’t receive a statement if you requested one.”

CD, “Yeah, I think we should talk to parent partnerships and go from there”

Ed Psych, “I think that’s a good idea.”

Gold Dust

22 05 2010

It’s very early and CD is up with both the girls.  He puts on a favorite ‘sing along’ DVD, and LML and Lolly settle down to watch it, as close to the TV as they are allowed.

CD notices that LML is stoking and playing with Lolly’s hair.  After a while Lolly looks at LML and LML says “Hug Lolly.  Hug!”

The girls give each other a hug and return to watching the DVD, LML stroking her sisters hair for a few moments more.

“Are you on your way?”

17 05 2010

CD answers his phone and can hear the stress in GM’s voice.  There is hysterical laughter and shrieking in the background, almost drowning out GM.

“I’m just leaving work now”, he says “I’ll get home as quickly as I can.”

“I had to call” he hears GM say, over the racket LML is making, “she’s completely on one.”

“She sounds very giddy” he says, but GM can’t hear and says she has to go. He turns to his colleague “I’d better get going, it sounds like GM is having a bit of a stressful time.”

15 minutes later, as he sits on the bus CD gets a text from GM “have put Mulan on, having a cuddle and all much calmer. Our dinner on hold though! Had to call to start calming myself. This is followed a few minutes later by another text “I think she’s exhausted and is falling asleep in my arms now, but she completely went on the rampage! Yep! Conked out.”


All is silent when he arrives home 20 minutes later, the girls are upstairs with GM, bath running.  LML is pleased and excited to see him, but as is often the case, she begins to stress and get distressed due to the excitement she feels.  GM backs out of the bathroom, and leaves him to manage both children, recognising that her own stress and reactions are not needed.


15 05 2010

CD opens his eyes. Instinctively he knows its early, so doesn’t want to look at the clock. It’s what he and GM euphemistically call his turn to ‘lie-in’. He can hear LML shouting at the top of her voice  “ning, ning, nah…ning, ning, nah” repeatedly. Clearly she’s got the cat cornered somewhere, but he knows GM will deal with it or the cat will make a quick get away.

‘It’s too early’ he thinks to himself and roles over.

10 minutes later he can hear LML shouting, “You can’t catch me.” as she tries to cajole GM into an early morning chase around the living room.

CD turns over again, trying to clear his mind of work related detritus and other clutter, trying to relax enough to go back to sleep.

More time passes… Turning over again he catches sight of the clock and sees that it is 6.20. He sighs and knows that he is unlikely to go back to sleep but he’s unwilling to give up just yet.

“Wakey- wake!” shouts LML from the bottom of the stairs as she tries to rouse her little sister. Lolly replies with a moan. “Lolly awake, Lolly wake, Lolly awake” screams LML.

Feeling that this level of exhaustion will never leave his body CD rolls over and gives up any idea of getting more sleep. ‘Bugger,’ he thinks to himself, ‘if I can’t get back to sleep I’m not going to get up’. He reaches down the side of the bed, gets his book, and reads the final pages of Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s “The Back Swan”. Random events indeed.

Super dooper pooper scooper

5 05 2010

The nappiless infant stands in the middle of the room, wailing, expressing anger and frustration. GM picks her up to provide a tummy rub and a love. She picks her up in the usual way one hand to support Lolly’s back, the other under her bottom … GM freezes for a moment and thinks fast as she has delivered into her hand a rather large and solid poop …

“Oh sweetheart” she says, as she moves towards the potty “the big poop was making you cry”.

She deposits the poop into the potty and places the still crying child on top “Look Lolly! What a clever girl! Look LML, Lolly has pooped in the potty!”

Once GM is sure that all pooping is finished the girl’s survey the contents of the potty, LML calling excitedly for daddy.

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