Super dooper pooper scooper

5 05 2010

The nappiless infant stands in the middle of the room, wailing, expressing anger and frustration. GM picks her up to provide a tummy rub and a love. She picks her up in the usual way one hand to support Lolly’s back, the other under her bottom … GM freezes for a moment and thinks fast as she has delivered into her hand a rather large and solid poop …

“Oh sweetheart” she says, as she moves towards the potty “the big poop was making you cry”.

She deposits the poop into the potty and places the still crying child on top “Look Lolly! What a clever girl! Look LML, Lolly has pooped in the potty!”

Once GM is sure that all pooping is finished the girl’s survey the contents of the potty, LML calling excitedly for daddy.




4 responses

9 05 2010

Did you check out Pseu’s poem?

15 05 2010

hi, had a look and couldn’t find it, and as you can see from the inactivity here, have had very little time since. I think CD has had a look though. Time willing!!

GM 🙂

15 05 2010

I’ll try to put a link to it in the comment box GM.
Another friend of mine is also enjoying your blog. Have your ears been burning when we have talked about it?

15 05 2010

Here you go: 🙂

Pseu is v into the creative writing and her page is full of lovely things. she also sets up things for people to join in with – writing haikus at the moment…

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