15 05 2010

CD opens his eyes. Instinctively he knows its early, so doesn’t want to look at the clock. It’s what he and GM euphemistically call his turn to ‘lie-in’. He can hear LML shouting at the top of her voice  “ning, ning, nah…ning, ning, nah” repeatedly. Clearly she’s got the cat cornered somewhere, but he knows GM will deal with it or the cat will make a quick get away.

‘It’s too early’ he thinks to himself and roles over.

10 minutes later he can hear LML shouting, “You can’t catch me.” as she tries to cajole GM into an early morning chase around the living room.

CD turns over again, trying to clear his mind of work related detritus and other clutter, trying to relax enough to go back to sleep.

More time passes… Turning over again he catches sight of the clock and sees that it is 6.20. He sighs and knows that he is unlikely to go back to sleep but he’s unwilling to give up just yet.

“Wakey- wake!” shouts LML from the bottom of the stairs as she tries to rouse her little sister. Lolly replies with a moan. “Lolly awake, Lolly wake, Lolly awake” screams LML.

Feeling that this level of exhaustion will never leave his body CD rolls over and gives up any idea of getting more sleep. ‘Bugger,’ he thinks to himself, ‘if I can’t get back to sleep I’m not going to get up’. He reaches down the side of the bed, gets his book, and reads the final pages of Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s “The Back Swan”. Random events indeed.



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