27 05 2010

At the end of an ISAR meeting CD calls the Ed-Psych over. She has just run through her report which will form the basis for the funding that will support LML when she goes to primary school. Her report means that LML will get significant one-to-one support, which is a relief to the problem parents.

CD, “As you know we haven’t asked for a statement for LML, do you think we should consider making a request?” he asks.

Ed-Psych, “Well, the process for a statutory assessment would mean that I would write a report like the one I have just completed, in fact I very often write reports that are less detailed than this one. All the other professionals involved would write reports too….” she goes off into the detail about the process which CD already knows, having done his research.

CD, “We are really pleased with the support that we and LML are receiving and we haven’t felt the need to make a request but I suppose my concern is about the future.”

Ed-Psych, “Yes, the thing about a statement is that if things start to go wrong then, whilst it is bureaucratic, you can refer back to it. I think given where LML is at and her circumstances I’d be very surprised if she didn’t receive a statement if you requested one.”

CD, “Yeah, I think we should talk to parent partnerships and go from there”

Ed Psych, “I think that’s a good idea.”



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30 05 2010

Good idea to start the ball rolling early on this one I’d have thought. You are going to experts in bureaucracy. πŸ™‚

30 05 2010

haha, indeed we are.

30 05 2010

Such fun!
As I think I said, part of the reason I got interested in your blog was because it reminded me of things a friend and colleague with adopted daughters has said. This was another post that echoed her words.
The main reason tho’ is that it is so well written.

1 06 2010

Thanks Isobel, your comments and interest are really appreciated. We write mostly because it helps to keep us sane, but also as a creative outlet, so your kind feedback is really welcome.

5 06 2010


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