4 06 2010

“Wow! Leeks.” states LML confidently to GM

“It’s cabbage darling” replies GM “Daddy pickled some cabbage last night.”



“Leeks” states LML rather confidently and with that she tootles off.

A few days later GM looks at the plates of food that she has prepared. ‘There’s something missing’ she thinks and adds a teaspoon of pickled cabbage to each plate.

“Leeks!” exclaims LML “Yummy”

“It’s pickled cabbage, darling.”


“It’s a vegetable like leeks, it’s called cabbage.”

“Ca-bb-age” pronounces LML deliberately.

As she leaves the room to get the drinks she sees LML putting a few strands of the ruby cabbage in her mouth.

“Leeks, yummy” states LML




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5 06 2010


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