Life in a box – Day One

8 06 2010

The great storm was making visibility limited and driving very slow and careful, it wasn’t the best of starts. LML and Lolly started out in good moods but as the journey progressed their geniality started to wane. CD tried to keep them entertained with a range of action songs. The girls joined in and demand half a dozen renditions of ‘Wind the bobbin’ up’.

The mostly functional family arrive at the caravan site and find their box. The kids love it. Running up and down the limited space, opening every cupboard and door. LML claims her bed almost instantly, ‘my bed’ she states, ‘my bed’ as she plonks her beloved meow onto it.

The mostly functional parents quickly unpack and store stuff away. The kids are fed and soon start to become restless. GM and CD decide to go for a walk, even though it is already past the tykes bedtime. They stroll to the cliff edge and watch people far below, walking their dogs on the beach. On the way back to the box they check out the amenities on the site. LML runs into ‘the fun works’ rapidly followed by GM. She is quite overcome by the flashing lights, the games, the music; happy and excited and not wanting to leave, but noticeably relaxing once GM manages to get her out!

They return to the box and start to settle down for the evening. The kids run around excitedly.

CD puts a plug in the bottom of the shower and runs a shallow bath. LML and Lolly watch with keen interest, pushing CD out of the way. They eagerly get undressed, wanting to try this new experience, of bathing in a tiny confined space in only a few inches water. Squashed into the shower tray together they excitedly splash about, Lolly becoming rather giddy and reluctant to leave.

Normally, after some milk and a rice cake or crackers the girls are falling asleep, not tonight. They wriggle, giggle and jiggle. Eventually GM takes them to bed and sits with them until they fall asleep – it’s after 9pm when she emerges from the little room. It’s been a long day (the girls having been up as usual at 5.30am) and the mostly functional parents soon collapse on the settee, open a bottle of wine and begin to relax.




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9 06 2010

Sounds like a very well deserved glass (or two) of wine. Hope you enjoy your holiday.

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