Life in a box – day 3

10 06 2010

The pool is cool. The girls love it, but LML is just a slip of a thing so swimming is cut short. Her teeth are chattering until she is fully clothed and running again. The girls have hot chocolate and a snack to get fully warm. Whilst CD and GM discuss what to do next, Lolly makes her escape. CD searches for her and finally he finds her being herded back into the building by a young boy – he had seen her going out side and had followed her. When they leave the swimming complex their table is awash with hot chocolate and quavers.

The family get back to the caravan and the girls are just too tired to eat their lunch. They sleep for an hour and a half, and only wake up at CD’s gentle suggestion. The playground is dry enough to play in at last, so they do, and then it’s on to the ‘funworks’ for another mad half hour of lights and music.

After tea GM puts LML and Lolly in their pretty dresses to go to the pub. LML twirls around in her new dress for her daddy, and Lolly copies her. The mostly functional parents are better prepared for their ‘night out’ this time, and are armed not only with snacks, but also sticker books, paper and pencils and an agreement that ice-cream can be used ruthlessly if necessary. Their pints are not quite finished when LML falls over and howls. Its time to leave.




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12 06 2010


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