Life in a box – day 4

11 06 2010

“Big poo?” states LML

“It’s a normal sized poo” reassures CD as he finishes changing her nappy….

“Bird poo?” LML enquires.

“Yes, my love, bird poo” confirms GM…

“Lolly’s poo, me see” requests LML

“You can look at your own poo, but you don’t have a right to see anyone else’s sweety …” explains GM …

“Doggie poo, yuk!”

“It is dirty that people don’t clean it up” confirms CD…


“I think that’s just a seed off the tree” responds GM hesitantly…

“Look…” LML shows a handful of sand crowned with large seagull shit.

“Lovely sweet heart, but daddy doesn’t want any bird poo thank you”

“POO! YUK” and with this LML starts to become distressed.




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