18 06 2010

LML’s communication development has speeded up again, having reached a plateau that lasted for months and months.  About 3 months ago she really started to link two words, and since then things have come on apace.  She has started to link her two word sentences together, making four word sentences, and is increasingly linking three words, which is all very enjoyable.

The most endearing aspect of this growth is seeing her think about what she wants to express.  Her eyes move up and to the left as she works it out, and just this week she has added “errrm” to the thought process.




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19 06 2010

How old is she now?

19 06 2010

LML is four and a half, so delayed in her communication & language development by about 50%.

19 06 2010

Of course Einstein didn’t speak until he was four…
Language acquisition is fascinating stuff. I bet you are enjoying it with your two girls. How was the holiday?

19 06 2010

We had a pretty good holiday, although it was very wet!

19 06 2010

That’s good.
Maybe a holiday on a boat when they are older?

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