milking it

4 08 2010

LML runs from the dining room with her drink, laughing and over-excited. She is descending into the ‘naughty spiral’, and CD is trying to keep up, to minimise any damage and calm things as quickly as possible. He has to clear up Lolly’s plate which is swimming with juice, and when he manages to get to the living room LML is shouting “milk! milk!”

“Where is the milk LML?” CD asks, picking up the empty cup.

“Milk! Milk!” she shouts in excitement, “Milk! Telly!” … CD’s heart sinks.

He checks the TV. There is no milk on the front. He leans over and realises that she has poured the milk down the back of the lovely flat screen TV.

After wiping up the milk that he can see he turns the TV on without much hope. There is a picture but no sound .. then the picture disappears in a haze of colourful lines.




4 responses

5 08 2010

Oh no, does your house contents insurance cover this? Fingers crossed.

5 08 2010

It does Isobel, but telly seems to be working (mostly) today, so hopefully it’ll be completely fine once it’s completely dry.

6 08 2010

It all sounds rather scary. I’d be worried about damp electrics. I have a small flatscreen on a bracket that stretches out from the wall, several feet above the floor. Might that be safer?

13 08 2010

At least there will be no ‘toast slot’ under the telly these days… a DVD slot is too slim, but the cassette of a video clot was perfect for all sorts of postings.

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