9 08 2010

Crap Dad is just about to leave the house for a meeting at work when the phone rings.

“Hi it’s the SW, as you know,  it’s the final adoption hearing tomorrow for Lolly.  I need to tell you that both birth parents are going to be there.  Birth dad is not happy about how contact has been going and birth mum has decided that she’s now in a different place and is wanting Lolly to be placed back with her.  She says that she can now look after Lolly herself.”

Crap Dad takes a deep breath before he responds.

“So, what does this mean for us?” he enquires.

“Well, if the judge thinks there are grounds for birth mums appeal then they will set a date for a new hearing. You’ll need to get a solicitor if that happens.

Alternatively, the judge may think that there no grounds for her appeal and make the the adoption order.

There have been appeal hearings but, so far as we are aware, none have been upheld in England .

My view is that any judge looking at the case has to consider the child’s best interests. As Lolly has been placed with you for so long, I can’t see how it would be in her interest to have another disruption.

I’ll give you ring as soon as I get out of the hearing.”

“OK, speak to you tomorrow, thanks.”

Crap Dad takes another deep breath before calling GM.



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11 08 2010

Oh my. What happened? I take it the hearing was yesterday. What a bombshell.

12 08 2010

It was a complete bomb shell Isobel, but it’s all come good. Our SW said that the judge was brilliant, very sensitive to the birth parents, without hesitating to make the order.

…. Lolly is now legally our daughter … phew

12 08 2010

Oh that’s wonderful!
I looked earlier and was concerned that there was nothing from you.
It may have to be champagne at the weekend…
Not ashamed to admit I shed a few tears when I read your comment.

13 08 2010

Very relieved to hear this.

13 08 2010

Yes, it was rather a heartstopper of a post.

13 08 2010

Oh, thank you to you both. Writing here is a lot to do with relieving some of the stress and tension of our lives, and it is easy to forget that real people might actually be reading and care about what we write about.

It was a bit of a roller-coaster, and then we went into busy over-drive, so didn’t post again.

Thank you for caring and letting us know.


13 08 2010


14 08 2010

What you do so impresses me.
I have my own two boys now, 14 and 16: but in the beginning when I didn’t conceive and then when I miscarried we thought about adoption. Sadly family experience had coloured our perceptions of this and I’m not sure I would have ever gone ahead with it.

When I look in and see what dedication it requires I have nothing but admiration.

I look forward to a visit from you, sometime 🙂

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