magic moments

16 08 2010

The mostly Functional Parents had spent the past two hours outlining the ‘grim truth’ of adoption to two prospectives who had been sent to them by their mutual SW.  The couple were beginning to look a little bit shell shocked as CD and GM took it in turns to tell them about how it feels to have a needy, hurt, scared and confused stranger join your family.  How completely your life changes. How different it is parenting children that have experienced trauma and loss than parenting birth children.

“It’s not all bad of course” says CD

“Every day has it’s magic moments” adds GM

This gets GM thinking … sometimes it’s so easy to loose sight of those small joys.  She decides it’s time to refocus on these moments ..


GM watches with delight as LML jumps around and around the living room, singing and shouting GM’s name.


GM sitting on a bench by the sea with Lolly asleep in her arms. A sign that Lolly  feels safe enough to relax into GM.


Lolly and LML race their bothers across a scruffy basketball court, all of them squealing with delight.


LML and Lolly chase each other from room to room laughing and shrieking.  The game goes on and on.


CD goes to collect LML & Lolly from nursery.  LML sees him from across the room and shrieks “DAAADDDEEE” at the top of her voice as she runs to him.  She jumps into his arms and covers his face in kisses.


GM comes down stairs in her work clothes, ready for her first day back.  LML sees her – “WOW” she sighs and smiles at smart mummy.


LML and Lolly dance, bare bottomed, to the cbeebies summer song.  Super cute!




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19 08 2010

Very magical moments. 🙂

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