30 08 2010

GM holds her freinds 10 week old baby in her arms.  The babe has fallen asleep, comfortable against the ample breast.  She looks down the slope, scanning to see where LML and Lolly are.  She watches as CD hides around the corner of a big container …

“RRRRaaaa!!!!” he shouts as he jumps .. LML and her friend shreik and scream and flee around the corner of the container.  The game repeats and then repeats again.

GM spots Lolly rolling down the slope, followed by her freinds husband.  Lolly gets up and runs over, full of delight.  She pokes her tongue out and there is grass all over it.  GM picks it off and takes over ‘following’ duty, the baby still comfortably asleep.

They make their way over to the playing girls and Lolly joins in, lagging behind as younger sisters so often do.  After half a dozen more “RRRRRaaaaaaa’s” the group make their way back to ‘base’ to refuel and regroup.

GM feels deeply content, surrounded by these lovely folk.  She looks at the baby in her arms and wonders how hard it would be.  “We could do this, if we had to” she thinks, imagining BM having another baby, the call from SS.

“No!” whispers CD in her ear.  He looks at her and smiles, but says “No” again, as he takes off after LML.



2 responses

4 09 2010

So, open to negotiation then?

4 09 2010

haha! I don’t think so Isobel. Really.

And what’s worse is I know that cd is absolutely right. Completely. Utterly…

GM 🙂

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