“Hmmmmm – Yummy”

21 09 2010

GM, LML and Lolly are checking out the greenhouse.  LML veiws her single pepper with pride.

“Biga mummy” she exclaims, “Yes, LML, your pepper is getting big now” GM agrees.

The girls pick a ripe ‘current tomato’ and Lolly puts hers into her mouth and bites down.  Her face contort and she spits the sweet yellow fruit into GM’s hand.  GM decide to eat it herself as they are too good to waste.

As LML checks out the rest of the tomato’s, Lolly goes outside and begins to look under stones for anything interesting.  She is delighted to find a very wriggly brandling (this is s baby worm to those who are not compost makers!) and tries to pick it up, unsuccessfully, with her stubby fingers.

She squeals and exclaims as the tiny worm tries to escape and LML comes to see what all the fuss is about.  GM remains in the greenhouse, completing the inspection, whilst keeping half an eye on the kids.  She sees that LML has managed to pick up the worm and is showing it to Lolly.

GM follows as the children run towards the other end of the garden.  LML looks at her and puts the little worm close to her mouth “LML, it’s not to eat” she says.  LML smiles and then laughs and begins to tease her mum, putting the worm closer and closer, then in and out of her mouth.  GM tries not to react, but her disgust can’t be completely hidden, eventually she says “I’m not watching, LML, you know it’s not food” and turns her back.

As GM glances over her shoulder she sees LML chewing “Oh you didn’t” she exclaims. feeling slightly nauseous.

“Hmmmmm YUMMY” confirms LML.


grandparents …

16 09 2010

what is it about them?

CD’s parents are staying and it has set GM off thinking about how one negotiates the misunderstandings, lack of knowledge, assumptions and judgements that your parents make when you have your own kids.

She listens as CD tries to explain to ‘Gandad’ that LML is attacking Lolly, being noisy and running around madly, because he has just arrived home.  He tells his father that when a new person arrives she finds the change in dynamic stressful and becomes anxious and that we will have to manage her stress for the next 20 to 30 minutes, until she is used to the new dynamic.

10 minutes later GM hears Gandad telling LML off “that is just naughty, you are a naughty girl”

Later, after both grandparents had used the word ‘naughty’ far too many times, she hears Crap Dad explaining, “Telling LML she’s naughty won’t change her behaviour. She doesn’t understand the concepts of right and wrong. To her, understanding what’s acceptable and what’s not isn’t that simple. Her behaviour is much more about testing boundaries, gaining our attention than it is about being’naughty’.” The grandparents listen without commenting.

Sometime later Crap Dad hears a thud and Lolly begin to cry. “Oh you are so naughty!” says Grandma…

A special day out

11 09 2010

“What court are we in?”

“Court number 3”

There were already friends and family waiting when the mostly functional parents and the kids arrived. Soon the waiting room filled up with even more loved ones. In the end there were over 20 people chatting and laughing as the girls chased around the room with some other kids and an auntie.

Before long the Clerk to the Court called out Lolly’s name and the gaggle were ushered into the court.

Crap Dad, who was one of the last to enter the court, witnessed LML pouring water all over the front table and Lolly running behind the Clerks desk grabbing stuff along the way with GM and an Aunty both desperately trying to get things under control.

The mostly functional parents managed to gain some crowd control and after a bit of tidying up the Clerk went to get the Judge.

“How wonderful!” Exclaimed the Judge as she entered the Court. “What a large group of people here to celebrate Lolly’s adoption. Who is here?” She asked and then amended her question,  “well, perhaps I should rephrase that, who are the important people here? We could be all day if everyone introduces themselves.” After identifying the proud parents and their madcap children she stated  “I normally invite people into my Chambers and have a chat with them about the adoption, but I don’t think you’ll all fit in.”

The Judge sat on the edge of the table and talked to the mostly functional parents about how wonderful it is to see so many people and how these hearings are the best part of her job.  She tries to engage LML in conversation with little success and eventually asks LML whether she likes her sister Lolly.  LML shouts, “LOLLY” at the top of her voice as she turns to her.  She throws her arms open and demands “HUG!”  the girls give one-an-other a kiss and a hug, much to the delight of everyone.

The Judge, clearly thrown from her routine, follows no real set path and just chats with the mostly functional parents. She invites the girls to sit in her chair and they delight in being in front of the crowd and the centre of attention, waving and laughing.

After a few more photographs it was time to leave.

Everyone decanted to the local art gallery cafe where tea and buns were served all round.

The girls soon filled their stomachs with cake and coke and ran off to explore the familiar gallery. Before the Mostly Functional parents could take off after them an auntie and the SW set off in pursuit. After some minutes the SW returned, herding Lolly in front of her – she slumped in her chair,  “My go they’re quick!” she exclaims.

It’s not long before everyone has had their fill of cake and have to take their leave.

As the Mostly Functional family walk to get the bus home, Crap Dad and Grumpy Mum exchange a kiss and a smile. “She’s definitely and completely ours now” says Grumpy Mum. “Yes she is,” replies Crap Dad, “yes she is…”

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