grandparents …

16 09 2010

what is it about them?

CD’s parents are staying and it has set GM off thinking about how one negotiates the misunderstandings, lack of knowledge, assumptions and judgements that your parents make when you have your own kids.

She listens as CD tries to explain to ‘Gandad’ that LML is attacking Lolly, being noisy and running around madly, because he has just arrived home.  He tells his father that when a new person arrives she finds the change in dynamic stressful and becomes anxious and that we will have to manage her stress for the next 20 to 30 minutes, until she is used to the new dynamic.

10 minutes later GM hears Gandad telling LML off “that is just naughty, you are a naughty girl”

Later, after both grandparents had used the word ‘naughty’ far too many times, she hears Crap Dad explaining, “Telling LML she’s naughty won’t change her behaviour. She doesn’t understand the concepts of right and wrong. To her, understanding what’s acceptable and what’s not isn’t that simple. Her behaviour is much more about testing boundaries, gaining our attention than it is about being’naughty’.” The grandparents listen without commenting.

Sometime later Crap Dad hears a thud and Lolly begin to cry. “Oh you are so naughty!” says Grandma…



2 responses

16 09 2010

Aaaargh! Stressful days…

18 09 2010

Such a misused word. Frustrating and not useful

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