Cat Food

1 10 2010

LML has been quiet for few minutes, which concerns Crap Dad.

He walks into the dining room to see the back of LML,  She is sitting on the floor by the patio doors. He peers around LML to see the cat sitting in front of her, a plate of risotto between them. LML has a handful of the risotto and is feeding it to the cat it. The cat licks it’s lips appreciatively.

“Oh, LML, what are you doing? The Cat doesn’t eat risotto.” he exclaims.

Crap Dad opens the door and ushers the cat out saying “Meiow, you should know better than to encourage her.”

He goes to get a dust pan and brush and a cloth and returns to see LML smearing the risotto all over the window, in some sort of dirty protest.

“Oh, LML” he sighs exasperatedly.




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