9 10 2010

As Crap Dad returns Lolly to her pushchair LML spots two girls from her class laughing and giggling as they chase each other around the playground. LML sets off after them.

As the girls spin and twirl in pursuit of each other LML catches them up. Crap Dad isn’t clear if the girls see LML but he watches as his little girl, desperate to join, doesn’t have the language or social skills to engage her peers.

The girls peel of from their chasing each other to play on the hopscotch ladders marked nearby. LML watches them from a little distance away. As the girls run after their mothers LML approaches the hopscotch. “Wot me” she asks Crap Dad. She does a version of what she’d watched the girls doing.

“Great jumping LML, though I think we’ll need to work on the skipping a bit more” he comments.

They leave the school playground and head home, Crap Dad feeling a little heavy hearted about the challenges that face his little girl.



4 responses

11 10 2010

It is hard to watch – but they have to find their own way, I think in this one. Sometimes my 16 year old ….

11 10 2010

Does she play with the other girls in her class when she’s at school?
I agree with Pseu, this is hard to watch.

12 10 2010

LML does struggle interacting with her peers, or anyone for that matter. One of our aims for school this year is for LML to make a friend. That would be a great success, forget academic achievement.

12 10 2010

I’ll be rooting for her. 🙂

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