Half Term – day 2

26 10 2010

It’s boiled eggs for breakfast and Lolly is sitting on her Aunty J’s knee, crunching away on a bit of egg shell when she begins to cough.  And cough.  And cough. She is offered a drink, takes a reluctant sip and coughs some more.  She is becoming distressed and wants her mummy all of a sudden, still coughing and beginning to choke and cry.  Suddenly there is afountain of liquid which floats out the cm square piece of shell, and Lolly rapidly returns to her usual colour.

“No more egg shell for you then” comments Anuty J.

“But that’s the only bit she’ll eat at the moment” objects CD.

The plan is to take delivery of the shopping (we love you Mr Ocado!), do a spot of clothes shopping for the girls and then go over to their brothers for a visit.  After LML has belted Lolly for the tenth time and Lolly as moaned and whined continuously for 10 minutes GM makes a snap decision (read “snaps”) and both girls are packed off to bed for an hour.

They arrive at the H’s, in much happier moods just coming up to lunch time. The four children run around the house, screaming and shouting for the first 15 minutes.  Lolly hangs back, finding it all too intense and overwhelming maybe.  The brothers, J and D, are very excited to see their sisters, LML in particular, and yet again GM experiences a sense of wonder at the relationships unfolding before her.

LML hits out at Lolly and D regularly throughout the visit, but only once or twice to her older brother J.  D comes in for quite a lot of aggression from LML and GM notices that this appears to be ‘passed down the pecking order’ as he gives his younger sister, Lolly, a hard time in turn.  As ever GM and the boys mum manage the tellings off and talkings to between them, and the visit is enjoyed by all, despite the argy bargy and inevitable tears that come with having the four of them together in a confined space. The visit was concluded with a trip to a tiny play ground around the corner which the kids really enjoyed and afforded a great photo opportunity too.


After a detour to the supermarket for the clothes shopping the family were home by tea time.  LML and GM made cheesy blinis, which went down pretty well, LML clearing her plate and Lolly at least engaging with it.  Bath time is seen to and the girls have super while they wait for CD to get home from work (bath time is early on a Tuesday as GM and Aunty J go to a club as soon as CD gets home).  GM kisses the girls and CD and is out of the door in double quick time, leaving CD to it.  The girls are tired and chilled out.

CD takes Lolly to bed and she settled immediately, as is usual.  LML is falling asleep on the sofa soon after and CD carries her upstairs.  He puts her in bed, tucks her in and gives her a kiss.  As he is leaving the room she calls out to him.  He looks over Lolly’s cot and LML sit’s up, gives him a wink and blows him a kiss, before settling back down.  She is clearly sound asleep almost as soon as her head touches the pillow.




2 responses

29 10 2010

Very interesting stuff about how the siblings interact. Are there more, or just the four of them?

29 10 2010

Hi Isobel. There are some older half siblings, who we have met a few times and have photos of, but we don’t see them regularly or consistently, which is fine.

Thanks for dropping by


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