Half term – day 3

28 10 2010

The kids are up at 5.45am, and the day starts with cuddles on the sofa and dvd’s on the TV, sugar puffs and blinis for breakfast.

CD leaves for work at 9ish and GM and LML take Lolly to nursery half an hour later.  They walk the mile to nursery, LML riding on the buggy board and walking – she is charming and funny all they way, cooperative and responsive to requests.  GM thanks LML profusely when they get to nursery. Goodbye kisses and hugs  to Lolly, who begins playing as soon as she arrives at nursery, and GM sets of to the train station with LML.

The pair go to visit Grandma, intending to stay for lunch.  The journey is great, LML being her usual loud self, but lacking any major challenges or tantrums.  They arrive early to hear that there are a number of other family members expected, and lunch will not be until 1.  GM worries that it will be a struggle to entertain an increasingly hungry and tired LML for another hour and a half, and manages to get LML to lay down with her for 15 minutes when she sees her teetering on the edge of a ‘naughty’ spiral.  This does the trick and LML continues to be delightful, if a bit – or very – cheeky with grandma.

She runs up behind the 80+ year old and smacks her bottom, or tickles her leg, or taps her elbow and when grandma turns and say’s “who’s that?” LML runs away laughing, then turns to blow a raspberry.  Grandma blows a raspberry back and makes a move in LML’s direction, making her laugh more, blow more raspberries and be more cheeky.  The pair play the game over and over throughout the visit, adding variations and developing a loose routine.  GM knows that LML will pick this game up again, next visit and hopes that her mother will remember and engage in it as enthusiastically!

8 people eventually sit down for lunch, LML eats plenty, especially given the number of people.  After lunch GM leaves for home, calling in at a playground on the way to the train station.  LML is really flagging by the time they arrive back in the home town, and falls asleep on GM’s lap on the bus home.    CD arrives home with Lolly about 45 minutes after GM and LML, and LML has had time to settle down back home and is watching a dvd when they get in.  Lolly has cuddles from GM and very very few ‘hits’ from LML and both enjoy a stress free bath time.

LML murmurs night night as she is put to bed, alreay more than half asleep.

GM leaves the room, feeling proud of her eldest daughter, and relieved that they have had one really ‘good’ day during the school break.

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