5 11 2010

Routine is everything in the Mostly Functional household, morning, noon and night.

CD & GM had had enough of 5am starts, so a month ago they bought and ‘day and night’ clock, which changes when it is morning.  It provides the girls with a very visual sign that it is morning.

At the end of three weeks the girls had started to wake closer to 5.30 in the morning most days and 6am maybe twice a week.


5.15 this morning was a vast improvement on the previous days, which have consistently been 4.something am.  For some reason LML has woken lively and unwilling to stay quietly in bed.  She shouts, kicks, objects and wakes everyone.

The mostly Functional parents hold onto the hope and belief that they will not always have to rise so early, nor battle at the beginning of their day .



3 responses

7 11 2010

I feel exhausted just thinking about it.

Good luck!

8 11 2010

I follow your blog intermittently, but have lost track of how old your children are…
early morning awakening is a disheartening thing to go through. I got so fed up with Thomas the Tank videos I had to hide them and ‘find’ something different instead! I found I could bear the Wallace and Grommet videos time and time again and the boys loved them!

9 11 2010

haha – we have a wide range of dvd’s, some of which we keep in the living room and some upstairs, so when we get sick of them we make them disappear Pseu. The girls are nearly 5 and 2.5.

you know Isobel, its amazing what you can get used to!

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