gan’da & nanny – 50 Anniversaries and counting

26 12 2010

GM eats her meal cold.  That’s why she had ordered scampi.  It didn’t matter. Crap Dad & Grumpy Mum had been on kid patrol since they arrived.

For the best part of an hour they had been following the kids around the family pub, before the food had even arrived.  Other family members helped out periodically, which was helpful, although sometimes a bit too overwhelming for  them and they soon retired. Everybody coped really well though.  Especially the girls.

As they were leaving, CD’s Dad (gan’da to LML) approaches GM, with Lolly in arms.He gives them both a huge hug.

“I love you all” He says, “You’re great”.

“Thank you!”

“Really” he continues.  “I think you’re really great.,  ALL of you. Great” a big heart felt hug follows “I love you all”.

GM, CD and the kids head for the taxi feeling the glow of family love




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30 12 2010

Warm fuzzy feeling. 🙂

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