Crazy golfers

30 05 2011

The Mostly Functional parents are at the seaside for a few days with the girls. After an enjoyable afternoon on the beach they decide not to stretch their luck too far before LML and Lolly’s good spirits break. On the way back to their apartment they agree that a game of crazy golf might entertain the troublesome twosome.

The attendant informs them that they are the last group of the day. Indeed there it’s only another quartet on the course.

The mostly functional parents demonstrate the idea of the game to LML & Lolly. The first hole goes ok with Lolly needing some assistance and LML insisting that she needs non.

At the tee for hole two LML was already showing signs that she’d had enough. Before Grumpy Mum could tee off with Lolly LML was already racing across the course. She was soon followed by her ever willing accomplice. Within moments there was peels of laughter as they clambered over the obstacles, peered down holes and chased each other about. At one point LML hung off the side of a lighthouse  waving her arm and growling in the manner of King Kong.

They then played a game of one of them rolling a golf ball through one of the obstacles whilst the other lay facing the exit, mouth open trying to catch the ball.

Not a traditional game at all but hey they were happy. Crazy indeed.


In Charge

22 05 2011

“Push me Lolly, Push Me!”

where bee be?

16 05 2011

“Where bee be? Daddy, where bee?  Bee be poorly mummy?” The stream of questions from LML begin as soon as he family walk onto main road.  The previous day they had seen a big bubble bee sitting on the pavement, and the parents had told LML that it might be resting or poorly.

As the family approach the spot from the day before they see the same bee …

“Bee poorly?  Bee be dead?” LML asks, “Lolly, bee be dead. Bee poorly!”

“Bee poorly!”repeats Lolly, looking at her sister, “bee dead?”

“Bee be dead, Lolly.  Bee poorly.” Confirms LML.

As the family leave the dead creature behind LML asks “Where bee be?”

“Bee poorly, bee dead” answers Lolly knowledgeably.


10 05 2011

Sometimes life ‘just takes over’ and some things get left behind.

There is no way to write about all the small, day to day event’s that have been experienced by the mostly functional family, over the past 4 months or so, like Lolly toilet training … and LML not, or the development’s in both children’s communication, the visits with both sets of foster carers, their various successes, struggles and (for LML) head teachers awards.

so …

There has been some snow

LML had a birthday and got a bike, which she is a little nervous of ..

Lolly liked LML’s bike so much though, that when she had a birthday … 🙂

There's been planting seeds,

and blowing bubbles (lots of blowing bubbles!).

There's been playing apart ...

... and playing together

There's been lots of trips to the park.

And even Lolly's first demonstration

The year has started well.

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