yes – no – yes – no #2

19 09 2011

“Lolly, would you like a spoon for that sweetheart?” asks GM

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yyyyyyyyy nnnnnnnnnn yyyyyyy nnnnnnn mmmmmmm yyyyyyyyyy”

GM sighs and raises questioning eyebrows.

Lolly continues her prevarication, smiles ‘the smile’ and eventually says “mmmm nnnnnnnn yyyyes.”

GM gets up from the table and takes a step.

“No” says Lolly with ‘the smile’.

GM just can’t seem to help her self .. “you don’t want a spoon?”

“Mmmmm nnnnnn yyyy …” the process starts again.

“Lolly, Do you want a spoon?”


“OK.” says GM and sits back down.

“Yes!” says Lolly.

“Too late” says GM, mostly keeping the snarl out of her voice.

“Whaaaaaa! Whhhhhaaaaaa! WHAAAAAAAA!” cries Lolly.




3 responses

20 09 2011

Sounds like she’s really working out how to test you!

6 10 2011
lauren robson

I’m so pleased we are not the only adopters that get this. We have it with near enough every decision he has to make and always the screaming when we don’t play the game. It can be so draining.

13 10 2011


I have to remind myself every day that I AM THE ADULT, as this drives me potty sometimes, and I really don’t need to meet it ‘head on’ (which is my ‘natural’ inclination).

I have PLACE signs dotted around the house a the moment (Playfulness, love, acceptance, curiosity and empathy) to remind me not to snarl!!


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