Coco baa, baa

3 11 2011

Crap Dad and Lolly pass the time away singing nursery rhymes as they walk to nursery.

“What shall be sing next Lolly?” asks Crap Dad.

“Coco baa, baa” quickly responds


“Coco baa, baa.”

Crap Dad sings the words in his head but still can’t get it.

“Sorry, I don’t think I know that one. You sing it for me.”

“Coco baa, baa,

Coco baa, baa” Lolly sings repeatedly.

“Aaaah, London’s Burning!” exclaims Crap Dad .



3 responses

3 11 2011

i love it! How does it continue?

4 11 2011

Unfortunately it’s too difficult to transcribe. You’ll just have to follow Lolly’s lead and use your imagination

9 11 2011

You could record her and post it via Youtube…

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