Safe hands

15 02 2012

LML comes home from her play scheme looking decidedly poorly. She had slowed down to a worrying shuffle.

“Me feel poorly mummy.” Says the sad looking little girl, patting her tummy.

The family have their dinner, and LML tries her best to eat a little spaghetti, sitting up on the sofa under her quilt. She doesn’t eat very much and it rapidly becomes clear that she is feeling poorlier.  CD finds her in the hall, trying to remove her nappy, looking distressed and uncomfortable.

LML manages to walk up five steps before she stops, clutching her tummy, crying “wee wee mummy, wee wee.”.  GM scoops her up and carries her the rest of the way, placing her on the floor when they get to the landing.  GM goes and gets a nappy from the bedroom and starts to steer the ailing child towards the bathroom.

Suddenly all the signs are there … GM goes into catch mode … LML clutches at the arm in front of her and throws up into the cupped hands .. somehow GM manages to open the bathroom door and get to the loo without spilling a drop from her overflowing hands. A quick rinse of her hands and then a dash to the sick child to catch the next lot, which goes down the sink.  GM manages to get the weeping child to the sink to finish off being sick.

LML is clear that she just wants to go to bed.  By the time GM has got LML comfortable in bed,cleaned the sink, washed her hands (three times!) and got water and sick bowl, LML is sleeping soundly.  GM sits for 5 minutes, looking at her beautiful, pale, poorly daughter, checking that she is breathing ok and then goes down stairs.

“Never, not in a million years, would I have anticipated,” she says to CD, ” .. there is absolutely no way .. I would have thought it completely impossibe that one of the things I would be really good at, as a parent, would be catching vomit!”




5 responses

15 02 2012

Oh my!! I felt sick just reading that! I’m lucky in that the only sick incidents we’ve had have happened when daddy’s been here to deal with it 🙂
Hope your little one is feeling better soon

15 02 2012

Perhaps not the most obvious skill in the world. Hope she gets better soon.

16 02 2012

Before LML came home I really wouldn’t have believed that I would develop this skill, as much like you Claire, just the thought would have made me feel ill. LML was throwing up part of every meal though, at that time and I just had to get used to it.

I am inordinately proud of this skill, simply because it is such an unlikely one for me to have!

GM 🙂

2 10 2012

I’m sorry but I am laughing reading this. The things we have to do as parents! I’ve had some lovely poo incidents over the past few years. It’s amazing how much resilience you develop!!

3 10 2012

There is a tale on here somewhere about CD being handed a perfectly round and rather large poo. That is one of my favorite memories .. seeing a number of expressions cross his face before managing to say “thank you, where should poo actually be” … hahaha

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