Bye bye ganma jay

24 03 2014

GM has the weekend planned with military precision, as CD is presenting a course all weekend. Lolly has attended her gymnastics class and picked up her new glasses (pair 5!), LML has managed to sit and play on the tablet for the duration of the class and they are at last heading for her favourite place to play.

GM and the girls are slowly making their way up the hill with the scooters towards the skateboard park when Lolly shouts out “Daddeee!” Both girls abandon their scooters and run down the hill to his waiting arms.  GM is slightly confused to see that it is indeed CD, and finds herself dismissing the possibility that absolutely no one turned up for the training. As he approaches she sees that he looks upset, he reaches her and sobs an incoherent sentence as he gathers her into his arms.”Oh no” she says, grasping some of what he is saying, “Your Dad?” .. Her heart is in her mouth.

“Jay” he gasps out, “your mum”. GM freezes. She hears the rest of his words. Her sister had been trying to contact her, and eventually had got hold of CD. He had come straight away. GM walks back to the car, leaving CD to get the girls and scooters sorted. She manages to drive them all home before crumbling.
The girls go straight out into the garden to play when they get home and GM sits in the dinning room crying.  Lolly comes to her mother and strokes her hand, as GM explains to her that Grandma Jay has died.  Through out the day they talk about what that means “Grandma is gone, she is in our memories, but who she was is gone”, ” Now?” Asks Lolly repeatedly, “Ganma poorly?”, “No Lolly, she isn’t poorly any more” GM reassures her, feeling the relief of that herself, mingled with her sadness and heartache.



2 responses

24 03 2014

I’m terribly sorry for your loss GM x x

25 03 2014

Such a hard time for you now. Be kind to yourself. Maybe talking with the girls and looking at photos will being some comfort. I hope so. Hugs.

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