2 06 2014

“You loser! I’m going to hit you! You loser. Loser. YOU LOSER!” Rants LML.

The ranting and threats are a usual part of the getting ready for bed routine, along with the ‘being told no’ trials, any transition and general expression of frustration or fear.

It’s the language that has changed recently, and it worries GM.

“LML love” she starts, laying on the bed with her daughter, “where do you hear someone saying ‘loser’?” GM doesn’t really expect an answer, as LML finds this sort of conversation very difficult. 

“At school” replies LML with a slightly grumpy look on her face.

“Oh at school?” says GM, “who says that at school?”

“The boys.” comes the answer, quick as a shot.

“Who do they say it to sweetheart?”

“Me” comes the obvious answer.

“How does that make you feel love?” GM asks gently, again not expecting an answer.

“Sad” comes the reply.

“Yes it must make you sad sweetheart” GM says, searching for the next words.

“I farted on your hand mummy. I farted!”

The conversation moves on.



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2 06 2014
Pedalling Solo

Tiny steps, tiny steps … But still steps along the road … Such hard stuff for you all to handle.

2 06 2014

Good luck with the SENCO. Sounds like LML could do with an adult she can trust at school…

2 06 2014

She has good 121 support at school. What she doesn’t have is the capacity to verbally express what she feels or experiences. Nor does she understand the nuances of communication or relationships.

22 08 2014

OH MY GOODNESS yes. After three years of similar stuff, I can tell you that it gets better…one bit at a time. One thing that really helped us was a chart on the wall that listed words for feelings along with pictures of faces (“angry” with a cartoon picture of a mad face, “frustrated” with a frustrated face, etc.). Ours came from a counselor, but you can probably find them to print off on the internet. Ours are covered in peanut butter fingerprints from when the kids point to how they feel. 🙂 Have you found any tools that really help you? I’d love to hear about it.

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